It’s been a while that i had not writing any post on this blog. But the time has come to take a good habit and post new contents (news, article, videos and so on) around Skype for Business, Development Platform and ecosystem more often.

Microsoft has announced lots of new features during Enterprise Connect and //build, around Skype, Skype for Business, and more specifically on the Development Platform.

Before to deep dive in these features, the following episode of “Sfb Video Broadcast” is a very good introduction and also nice outline of the overall platform.

I will certainly write posts around Skype for Business Web SDK or App SDK, but if you are looking forward to get more informations, you can watch //build videos available :

  • Skype for Business Developer Platform Update with David Newman and Richard Taylor

  • Introducing the Skype for Business SDK for iOS and Android by Richard Taylor

  • Skype for Business Partner Integration Examples

    To complete all these informations, with these links you can find all answers of your questions :

    Stay Tuned!


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