What a great sensation when you push a new application to production! I have started my company three years ago to build collaborative solutions using Microsoft (Office 365, Azure) Platforms, and most specifically, Skype for Business.

We are working everyday to build the best solution. To be honest, it doesn’t really make sense — everybody wants to create, develop, build a perfect product. But in my opinion, the perfect product doesn’t exist.  You always run into things you didn’t plan for, or discover something that doesn’t match user needs, etc.

So, I’m working now new areas like developing cloud-based solutions, devops, new development technologies like Typescript or even mobile development.

I created this blog some years ago to share technical posts about Skype For Business and i want to expand this subject.

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My objective is to explain the solutions, obstacles, mistakes, and questions that i’m facing as entrepreneur, and also as a Skype for Business architect/developer.

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The Skype for Business / Skype market and customer base are huge!

More and More companies want to add this solution in their own application or process to improve communications internally and also externally.

Skype for Business has a complex architecture : differents roles, workflows, protocols and it can be difficult to start developping without help. I’m working on some posts about :

  • What is important to know and what we can use to develop around Skype for Business Online?
  • How can I easily generate Skype for Business meeting to discuss with external users such as partners or customers?

App Development

As I said earlier, I’m working more and more on cloud-based solutions. It’s not a surprise – the whole market is adopting this approach.

Microsoft Azure is growing very fast. Every time I connected to the portal, I can find a new product or solution.

Since February, there have been a lot of subjects about Cloud and Skype for Business Online :

  • Trusted Application API is in preview
  • Skype For Business App SDK is in GA

I suppose that some other news will be announced during the next //build edition in three weeks. Then we’ll have many topics to cover.

Dev Ops

Before working with a team of developers, I created software without any methodology or tools. I only used my Visual Studio.

Now though, we have to be organized and need a powerful workflow to push our solutions into production.  Every day we user Visual Studio Online, and we are also trying to apply the dev ops concept.

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We are facing to big topics like :

  • How to use the build and release management solutions to automatically push?
  • What is the best solution to oversee our apps?
  • How we can automate tests for Skype For Business or with real-time applications?

We have already found some answers, and i will explain what’s we are doing.

I have listed lot of subjects and I probably forget some others, but i will try to share often to help sfb developers, architects and customers to build great apps!

Stay tuned!


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